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Digital Marketing


Capturing data from search sources, Social networks, campaign metrics & other sources, we create data-driven pictures of your prospects & customers, which allow us to develop strategies for media spend & campaign targeting.


Our bid management feeds management, SEO automation, display ad serving solutions & mobile advertising platforms allow us to target communications to customers to produce results.


Our tracking & measurement solution allows us to gather critical data to model, assess & optimize campaign performance with extreme efficiency.


In one simple to use reporting document we can provide a view into all your marketing programs & assess performance at a glance.You can do all of these with our connected digital strategy. We can deliver data & insights, & results that will impact your bottom line.

    Search (SEO)

    Social Media

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation & Optimization
  • Link Analysis
  • Local / Geo Search
  • Mobile Programs
  • International Tracking
  • Campaign Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Creation / Management
  • Brand Compliance
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Community Building
  • Global Programs
  • Sentiments

    Search (Paid)

    Public Relations

  • Bid Management & Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Retargeting
  • Campaign Management
  • Blogging / Content Creation
  • Online Publicity
  • SEO / Link Building
  • Online Brand Monitoring